Kushali Marwaha

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Major: Finance with a concentration in European Business

Hometown: McLean, Virginia

Year: Senior

After the 2007 housing market crash, Kushali became increasingly interested in the economy and financial markets. Since then, she has focused her studies on finance and become a licensed real estate agent. At JMU, she is the president of JMU Bhangra and a brother of Phi Chi Theta Professional Business Fraternity. On weekends, she teaches early education music classes at Bach to Rock. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, singing, and trying any new restaurant she can find. Kushali looks forward to beginning her career as a financial consultant at Ernst and Young upon graduation. One day, her goal is to be a small business owner, particularly the music school she currently teaches at. She is also very interested in studying effective altruism and the methodology behind giving, discussed more in the TED Talk below by Peter Singer. Kushali cannot wait to spread her love for TED Talks with James Madison University this March, and keep sharing ideas worth spreading.

Kushali's Favorite Talk

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